Gur Khas

Strengthening Rural Livelihoods & Food Security through Local Agro-based Industrialization and Private sector Linkages in Sugarcane Areas of Punjab

Lok Sanjh Foundation (LSF) is implementing Oxfam-Novib supported project in Toba Tek Singh (TTS) in south Punjab, Pakistan with an objective to provide better alternative to farmers for improved livelihood and employment opportunities through value addition in traditional “Gur” or Jaggery making which is used domestically and has effective demand within the country and abroad.

Sugarcane is one of the major cash crops, an important source of income and employment for the farming communities of Pakistan. It is mainly grown as primary raw material for the production of sugar and Pakistan is the fifth largest country in the world in terms of area under sugarcane cultivation and 11th by production having 80 sugar mills.

However, despite having large sugarcane production capacity in the country a large number of farmers make traditional “Gur” or Jaggery traditionally used in rural as well urban areas. This product fetches cash price whereas supplying to sugar mill farmers face problems in timely payment besides some other problems. It provides best alternative options to farmers either supply sugarcane to Mills or locally process into “Gur” . This product is produced with out using any chemical and quality is usually good and liked by people for different domestic usages. It has ready market in the countryboth in wholesale and retail rather it is exported to neighboring countries, such as Afghanistan and Central Asian States. For making Jaggery Pakistan’s Northern province KhyberPakhtoonKhwa (KPK) has developed small cottage industry where “Gur” is processed very efficiently using motorized crushing for enhanced productivity.

> Simple Gur
> Gur with black pepper
> Gur with Ginger
> Gur with Sesame
> Gur with nuts and raisin
> Gur with cumin
> Shakkar (jaggery powder)
> Gur granules
> Pure Cane syrup

(These products are available fresh from Mid-October to March. For further information and other details please contact 051-2255242 )