Cotton Conference at Toba Tek Singh

RBDC organized cotton conference on March 20, 2018 at Toba Tek Singh. The Conference provided an excellent opportunity for sharing experiences with each other, inspiring farmers with best practices, linking with other stakeholders, taking new ideas for future planning, reflecting on the previous work and developing new partnerships.

The conference divided in four sessions 1st Farmers Voices DR Muhammad Sarwar VC Gomal University DIK,Ch Ishfaq from chenone,DR Khalid Abdullaha cotton commissioners,Dr Sagheer director CCRI,Dr Shafiq Ahmed BCI,Malik Shakir Fair Trade,Mr Bilal Israil progressive farmer,Mr Adnan from GiZ,Mr Maqbool Baig from Interloop,Mr Ahmed Raza from Sadaqut Limited,Mr Tahir Khan from hextas,Mr Ahmad Hasan from Aarhus University Norway,Mr Anwar Hafeez from PCGA,Mr waqas malik from BZU Multan and farmers form Khanawal,Jhang and Toba Tek Singh raised their voices,2nd session on Making Better Cotton Work and representatives highlighted the issues on the given topics 3rd session on Private sector response and 4th research and policy and at the end Dr Shafiq Ahmed Country Head of BCI concluded the event by thanking all participants.