Rural Business Development Center (RBDC) arranged kato Rani trainings at Lok Sanjh Foundation, Center for Skill Development & Demonstration (CSDD), Ratwal, Tehsil Fateh Jang, District Attock. Two types of Trainings were arranged at Center for Skill Development & Demonstration (CSDD), Ratwal , Tehsil Fateh Jang, District Attock.

Two Trainings arranged were handloom and Sewing.

Handloom Training:

Sadia Bibi,A young lady, mother of two daughters and one son struggling for livelihood in Fateh Jang, Punjab, Pakistan. They belong to a landless family

Before: Due to limited income the family had to take monthly loan from relatives for their living.

After: This young lady was introduced to Lok Sanjh Foundation (LSF) during the field survey which was conducted to assess the sewing training needs. She got enrolled for the vocational training for the period of three months which was being arranged at the stitching center of CSDD and got the guidance by experienced trainer so that her skills can be polished. Stitching ability of Sadia Bibi was improved after the completion of training course. This vocationally training helped her in saving her own stitching fees and outsourced stitching from neighborhood. Especially she benefited her family by sewing cloths. Now she is one of the most active tailors in her village and supports her family needs.

Change in her life: Sadia bibi owns a sewing machine. Her husband involves her in household decisions more than before. She discussed and got permission from her husband to stitch clothing of neighbor and other villages’ household by starting a small domestic level business which she believes would supplement income of the family. During first month of sewing business she has started earning some extra money which is utilizing in producing cloths for her children including uniform. She is supporting her family and she has been paying shcool fees of her children.  Moreover, she is able to stitch bed-sheets, cushions and pillows which help her in saving money. Other family members are inspired and motivated by her, now they are showing interest in learning the skill for good income. The training builds confidence and economic independence.

As Sadia Reported ‘LSF training has build her confidence and she feels economicaly eompowered.’