Kato Rani

All Women Cotton Value Chain – Kato-Rani

Lok Sanjh Foundation (LSF) is implementing a “ KATO – RANI” All Women Cotton Value Chain” project supported by Oxfam-Novib in Cotton growing areas of District Toba Tek Singh (TTS) in south of Punjab, Pakistan. Kato-Rani which in local language means “Weaving Princess”. The major objective of this project is to empower women through creating a value chain of ‘cotton craft’ engaging women farmers from cotton production process following clean cotton production principles to final product. It means they are involved in production, harvesting/picking, ginning, reviving tradition local hand spinning, weaving, designing and making various marketable pure cotton products. In this regard RBDC is facilitating LSF for developing and marketng of cotton craft. They include:

> Shawls (simple and designed)
> Bedspreads
> table cloth
> Sofa
> Sofa and floor cushion covers
> Women’s jumper suits/Kurtas
> Beautifully designed colourful traditional Khes

These products will be sold with proper labelling, packaging and brand. In this regard, 500 women farmers are direct beneficiary who will be economically empowered and able to improve their livelihood.

For product information and any further inquiry please contact 051-2255242